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Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Despair.

I think of old ghosts that ain't even here.

100% maybe.
8 November 1990
❛i bet you fall in bed too easily❜
with the beautiful girls who are shyly brave,
and you sell yourself as a man to save,
but all the money in the world is not enough.
{ 6'1" ✠ Liz Phair }
25. Female. Maryland. Virgin who can’t drive. Needs more sleep, less sugar.
I am the Elizabeth Taylor of livejournal.
Joan Holloway is my girlfriend.
Dan Savage is my best friend forever.
I own GlassJAw via _claim_a_band_.
I own The Pipettes via _claim_a_band_.
I own Tricky via _claim_a_band_.
Watchmen (book/movie) is mine, all mine.

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